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Our Price: $2.99

Deep fried triangle pockets
Plain Dosa
Our Price: $4.50

A thin and crispy rice crepe
Kichadi Matho
Our Price: $4.50

Mixed Vegetable Rice with a spicy yogurt sauce (available on wk/ends)
Our Price: $4.50

Steamed yellow rolls made from gram flour
Veggie Burger
Our Price: $4.50

A veggie patty in a bun covered with garlic chutney, lettuce, tomato & onions. ( cheese optional )
Veggie Sandwich
Our Price: $4.50

A sandwich filled with onions, tomato, cucumber sprinkled with spices and covered with cilantro chutney. American cheese optional
Our Price: $4.75

Steamed squares made from chana flour
Sev Khamani
Our Price: $4.75

Soft mushed sweet and spicy snack made from chana flour
Sev Puri
Our Price: $4.75

Small, fried whole wheat puffy shells stuffed with beans, potatoes, covered with sweet and spicy sauces, topped with crunchy noodles
Sev Ussar
Our Price: $4.75

Pea Soup topped with crunchy noodles