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Serving your favorite Indian sweets and snacks since 1986, Surati Farsan Mart first opened its doors in Little India Artesia, California providing customers a place to enjoy fresh food served with quality and consistency. Before we knew it, we became highly regarded in the Indian community and now with a second location in San Diego , our continued success has allowed us to offer a greater variety of quality Indian vegetarian dishes, chaats, snacks and sweets.

At Surati Farsan Mart we are proud in keeping our customers happy and offering them multiple ways to enjoy our foods. Customers can dine in, buy at the counter or order our sweets and dry snacks online. We offer nationwide shipping that includes free ground shipping for all orders above 7lbs

Rose Kaju Badam Pista Roll Chevdo - Sugar Free
Our Price: $9.00 Per Pound
Our Price: $7.99 Per Pound
A kaju and badam roll with rose flavor and pieces of pista, badam & kaju in the middle.(13 - 16 pieces in a pound) A mixture of fried rice puffs
Ganesh Murti Copper 2lb Mix Sweets Jewel Gift Box
Our Price: $199.00
Our Price: $23.99
A copper colored ganesh murti.
Size 14 & 1/2 inches tall and 11 inches wide
Price includes free UPS Ground shipping
Fancy gift box containing 2lb of mix sweets ( badam pista rolls, rose kaju badam rolls, kaju pista rolls, anjir pista rolls & watermelon barfi )
Badam Pista Rolls Kaju katri
Our Price: $8.99 Per Pound
Our Price: $8.99 Per Pound
Small almond covered rolls with a pistachio filling.(15-18 pieces in a pound) A soft diamond shaped candy made up of cashew powder blended with sugar.(18-22 pieces in a pound)